Dark Thunder,
by Cricket Sawyer
   Erotique Press AVAILABLE NOW

A dark, edgy romantic suspense
A  vulnerable woman, trapped in a loveless marriage jumps from the frying pan into the  proverbial fire,
she soon discovers her Dark Knight is not exactly what she though her would be. A roller coaster ride of emotions and events has her doubting her worth, her sanity and whether or not she will survive this new life style she has chosen.

Valentine Express
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In Valentine Express, Spaghetti takes on a whole new meaning as you watch the story unfold. You will never cook spaghetti again with out thinking about all that it could represent.

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Angeni sings her heart out at a Casino in Ignacio, Colorado. Things are never what they seem in her world as she is told the man who has watched her performance for the past two weeks wants to meet and talk with her.

Her sister's abuse alcoholic husband has violated his restraining order and put her in intensive care on a reservation in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. Angeni shape shifts to her spider totem animal to return and even the odds. Transporting as a spider is easier then anything else she must encounter as this story unfolds.  Who is the stalker that wants Angeni any way he can get her? Who owns the honey yellow eyes of the wolf that saves her ? She feels a connection to those eyes, but where...who?

Spider Island
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The Bermuda Triangle coordinates--they turn up-- mimicked in about the center of Lake Superior - is the invisible island there the missing Atlantis, the place where ships and men disappear never to be heard of again. Lady Lake Superior is known for not returning the sailors she steals, just as the Bermuda Triangle never returns her planes...is there a connection? Will Jon and Weylin be able to escape the giant spider webs, the cocoons where males are kept until Lady Belize needs them? What is her purpose - a race of superior females--Amazon women? Why doesn't anyone know the island is there?

By Cricket Sawyer

ISBN; 1-60601-203-7

Publisher: Siren/BookStrand

Release Date: January 13, 2009


Chief Storm felt the fog seep into every crevice on the boat penetrating even the clothing he wore. It was thicker, heavier; more charged then anything he had ever encountered. Silence so loud it engulfed them; he couldn’t hear the water lapping at the boat. Even the men’s voices a few feet away seemed inaudible, like the air cancelled sound completely as they slipped slowly under the fog and were swallowed up by it.


It wasn’t named Spider Island. It had, I thought, an enticing romantic sounding name—-Maizely Ortiz—poetic, almost—but then…

There is no escape from the beautiful tropical island Maizely Ortiz in the middle of Lake Superior. It defies detection and Siren-like, lures men into her embrace. Lady Belize plans world domination with a superior race of women using captured male specimens as the sperm bank for her chosen women.

Lavender Lust 
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Elinore Muich in her black and white corporate world is straight laced, all business and headed straight through the glass ceiling. Lavender Lust is bent on revenge.  Are one or both of these women connected to the Purple Feather Murders? It seems unlikely and yet...Heather Highmark must solve the connection before her brother Roy or her lover Langdon Cruise become the next victims. When her brother disappears Heather's fear escalates. Will she find him in time? Can she save him from the woman who murders those who get in her way? See the video trailer on YouTube